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NANOFARM CHEMICAL AND AGRICULTURAL MARKETING INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI company was established in Turkey's most fertile agricultural areas and at the heart of agriculture in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2010. It has a production and storage facility of organic, inorganic and organomineral fertilizers in liquid, powder and gel forms . NANOFARM, taking into account soil quality and climatic conditions, in the field of plant nutrition, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium primary nutrient products; calcium, magnesium secondary nutrient products; manufactures high quality fertilizers that increase product productivity in agriculture, including copper, zinc and trace element blended products and presents them to the conscious agricultural sector. We also define specific products; Our fertilizers are enriched with plant growth regulators, seaweed, amino acids and organic acids. All of our products are produced within the licenses obtained from the T.C. General Directorate of Agricultural Production and Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Our company continues its efforts to reach all over the country as a production and distribution network at home, but has started our foreign sales since the beginning of 2017. NANOFARM, which wants to concentrate on exports by addressing its demands in the foreign market, has started to invest in new machinery.
AVAGRO is established in 2013 in order to improve agriculture potential of The World. It starts as a new formation in the sector with a strong and knowledgeable team for sustainable productions of plant nutrition and protection products. Our market activities are based on openness, transparency, honesty, mutual respect, commitment to ethics, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility. Avagro Agricultural Chemicals is a manufacturer of goods and services and cares responsibilities to its customers, employees, society and environment. Institutionalism,technology, motivation of employees and customer satisfaction are activities which constitute the main axis. We are not having any compromisses in quality from the beginning and spend resourses to improve quality and serves. We made a plan to stay a “trusted” company on market even though standard requirements increase each day. And we know that to reach it the customer trust and satisfaction should be completely satisfied. Our company is aware that moving these ideas of continuous improvement and we know that knowledge is an indispensable value, and because of a corporate structure our company is growing rapidly in the sector.
Mutkar is an Istanbul based company acting as the buying agent for large companies in Turkey. We offer procurement and factory representation services. We have teamed up with a number of reliable factories in China to directly represent them in Turkey and Europe. Therefore, we are in a position to provide a broad spectrum of products to these markets. Mutkar’s greatest strength lies with the strong and long-lasting ties it enjoys with reputable businesses throughout our market. Our relationship with these companies gives us the ability to create and develop new product lines as per their needs. Highly experienced and savvy professionals of Mutkar work collectively in Turkey, China and Europe to acquire numerous items with favorable terms. We strive to create a successful joint operation through efficient collaboration with our customers and suppliers for the benefit of all parties.
Oligro is a fertilizer brand produced in the modern factory owned by Olimpum, founded in Bursa. Thirty-five years of deep-rooted experience and intensive R & D work in global chemical raw materials supply constitute the core of Oligro quality. Formulated with the principle of sustainability in agriculture, advanced technology water-soluble NPK, trace element, liquid and bio-fertilizers are the right choices to achieve the best crop yield and all the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Oligro is growing every day and renewing itself constantly to make its happy customers even happier in many countries of the world. Oligro makes the mother earth SMILE : )
We produce worm manure. We are manufacturing in our factory in Manisa Salihli. both in the domestic market through our own name and our registered trademark we offer our support to agricultural exporters in both Turkey and the world. We are proud to announce that we are ready for all kinds of cooperation with the person and institutions that share the same purpose and to provide quality products to the companies that will make contract manufacturing.
Sufagro is a leading company has been located in Antalya and has a large sales network around Turkey and has been exporting products as well. We have special fertilizers for all kinds of requirements and also we produce natural fungicides ,nematicides and ecological products as well.We consider zero and high yield with full line of Sufagro products.
Our company was founded in 1975 as Konurlar Trade company in Serik district of Antalya. Province. In 1992, the company grew into (KONURLAR CONSTRUCTION, MATERIAL, INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD.) and gained the title of a corporate . The company has a stocking and service area of 16.000 m2 in total, 8.000 m2 of that area being closed and 8.000 m2 of it being open , with the objective of developing more with its strong service staff, our company went into the fuel sector in 2003 and then started operating in the agricultural sector in 2012. Konurlar Tarim, keeping up with the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of agriculture, carries out the world’s most prestigious chemical and vegetative liquid organic fertilizer production. All chemical and organic fertilizers produced by our company have REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES given by the Ministry of Food.
As Turkfer we manufacture and supply fertilizers, npk fertilizers, npk drip fertilizers, drip fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, micro elements, organic fertilizers, organomineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, powder fertilizers, specific fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers, bio-stimulants, fertilizer, npk fertilizer, npk drip fertilizer, drip fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, micro element, organic fertilizer, organomineral fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, powder fertilizer, specific fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, bio-stimulant... We have gained good experience at domestic market and also received good satisfaction confidence from our customers with the products for many years in Turkey. According to this results we decided to start promoting our products on abroad in 2013. In a short time we caught the same stability success line and also won the same customer confidence with our products and services at overseas. We have been happy. We served with “TURKFER” brand name on abroad. TURKFER has been growing steadily having operations in agricultural sector on abroad with its young, dynamic, experienced and professional staff. TURKFER has wide product range of which are water-soluble fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, liquid and powder fertilizers, bio-stimulants and organic fertilizers products. By following all the innovations and research worldwide, in order to find lasting solutions continues updating the R & D activities for plant nutrition and protection issues. Our aim is to promote the “TURKFER” brand name in the world with our quality and principles and also thoroughly contribute to the world agricultural with our products. We known that the biggest aware is the customer satisfaction and with this confidence we believe that we will improve by serving the world of agriculture with you every day.
ADAGA AS was established in 2011. Our company has made important projects in Turkey with studies that it has done by way of “providing the best and most innovative products” and successfully completed TUBITAK’s work in 2013. Date 29.04.2014 numbered 28986 The investment commission has been approved by the evaluation commission of the project “Using Chitin from Shellfishes as an Intermediate to Chitosan Production and Different Sectors” under the scope of the regulation on the technological product investment support program and it was decided to support this program. Kitin-Kitosan, which has not been produced by anyone in Turkey before, has started to be produced by our firm with the support of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology within the scope of SAN-TEZ project.
Founded in 1989, MARA continues its attempts to expand its range of services from its inception. First of all, food and tobacco products, which are the main activity subject, have structured their supply distribution network flawlessly. It has implemented construction and construction projects without compromising its quality – trust oriented approach. Our goal as MARA is to provide opportunities and resources that will contribute to the development of our employees in line with their abilities and skills, to create a working environment that supports excellence, creativity and quality by providing communication with which they can share their ideas. We have made it our principle to offer you the best quality by expanding our business in accordance with the requirements of the fast consumption sector and the era we are in.