Fertilizer, fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, leaf fertilizer, micro nutrient elements, organic fertilizers, organomineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, special fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers, dust fertilizers, bio-stimulants, We produce and supply organic fertilizer, organomineral fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, special fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, dust fertilizer, bio-stimulant ... We have received in 2013 with confidence in customer satisfaction we have received from our products and experience in our domestic market for many years. we started to introduce our products abroad. In a short time not only in the inner market, but also to obtain the same stability abroad, we also provide confidence in us, we have honored us. Our company, which addresses the foreign market with "TURKFER" brand, is growing with stability in abroad with its young, dynamic, experienced and professional staff. Having a wide range of products, TURKFER follows AR-GE studies to find permanent solutions to plant nutrition and protection issues by following all the world's innovations and researches on water soluble fertilizers, leaf debris, liquid and powder fertilizers, bio-stimulants and organic fertilizer productions . Our aim is to introduce "TURKFER" brand to the whole world in line with our principles that do not compromise on quality and contribute to world agriculture through our products. We believe that the greatest value earned is customer satisfaction and we believe that we will move forward with each passing day by serving you worldly with this confidence.

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